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IQ Developer's Edition - $4,500

McCabe Software provides software security, quality, testing, release, and configuration management solutions to top commercial software, finance, defense, aerospace, healthcare, and telecommunication providers.

30 Day Free TrialMcCabe IQ has been used to analyze the security, quality, and testing of mission, life, and business critical software worldwide.

How vulnerable is your code? What is the quality of your code? How well tested is the code?

If you are responsible for the development, security, reengineering, or testing of software applications that must not fail, you need answers to these questions. If you can't answer them with certainty, you need McCabe IQ. | Why McCabe IQ? | Online Demo

The McCabe IQ Difference:

Tightly Integrated Static and Dynamic Analysis - McCabe IQ Enterprise Edition is the most comprehensive software quality management solution for your QA and testing needs.

Static Analysis - McCabe IQ Developers Edition delivers lower error rates, shorter testing cycles, and reduced software maintenance efforts. McCabe IQ builds stability, accountability and quality into software development initiatives. McCabe IQ provides over 100 metrics out of the box, including the McCabe-authored Cyclomatic Complexity metric, and provides the flexibility to import and customize your own set of metrics.

Dynamic Analysis to the Basis Path Level - McCabe IQ Test Team Edition delivers the most stringent test coverage technology available - Basis Path Coverage.  It produces end-to-end unit level test conditions and end-to-end integration subtree test conditions for complete unit level and integration level test planning.  It monitors logic based code coverage and produces untested test conditions so that test effectiveness can be incrementally increased.

Security Analysis - McCabe IQ uncovers vulnerable and exploitable Attack Surfaces - a crucial first step to performing any security analysis or testing. It is a sophisticated security analyzer that graphically models data and control flow to help find exploits and reduce false alarms.  McCabe IQ includes exclusive comparison technology enabling analysts to unravel exploitable code algorithmic patterns, signatures, similarities, authors, and derivations using widely adopted industry source code metrics.

Advanced Visualization

  • Battlemap (structure chart, class diagram), attack map, attack subtree, flow graphs, scatter plots, trending reports, and more to visualize your code, unravel logic, architecture, and design. 
  • McCabe IQ Enterprise Edition also features an executive dashboard and enterprise reporting. There is no better way to uncover the complexity and risk within your critical software.

Languages and Platforms

  • Supports the most languages - Ada, C, C#, C++.NET, C++, JAVA, JSP, VB, VB.NET, COBOL, and FORTRAN.
  • Platforms - McCabe IQ works on Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016, Windows 7, 8, 10, Solaris Version 8 (aka SunOS 5.8) or higher, SPARC processor, 32 bit, with Motif version 1.2 or later, HP-UX Version 11.11 (aka 11i) or higher, RISC processor, 32 bit, with Motif version 1.2 or later, AIX Version 5.3 or higher, RISC processor, 32 bit, with Motif version 1.2 or later, Linux RedHat Enterprise 3.0 (Taroon) or higher, x86 processor, with Motif version 2.2 or later, Linux Ubuntu 6.06, x86 processor, with Motif version 2.2 or later, and 64 bit environments that permit running of 32 bit applications.

Industry leadership - McCabe has been at it for over 30 years and we are still innovating.  We'll be there when you need us.

Find out which McCabe IQ Edition is right for you:

Developers Edition
Static Analysis
Test Team Edition
Dynamic Analysis
Enterprise Edition
Integrated Static and Dynamic Analysis, and Enterprise Reporting


SCM for Agile Development: McCabe CM - TRUEchange

McCabe IQ - Software Quality and Testing ManagementMcCabe CM - TRUEchange saves you weeks with every release cycle! Accelerate your release cycles with agile workspaces, share fully-auditable change in seconds, intuitively implement parallel and distributed agile development processes, and track and secure change for federal, state, and internal audits - all at a lower total cost of ownership. | View the TRUEchange online Demo

TRUEchange at a Glance

McCabe CM - Agent
The McCabe CM - Agent opens up the enterprise highway, allowing modifications to be packaged and moved securely from any repository to absolutely any platform.


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