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Change Control TRUEchange Agent

Schedule, Deploy, Build and Test - ANYtime, ANYwhere

"The Agent provides the facility for global, secure, robust, and flexible release management processes."

Frank Ryan
VP of Change Control

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Moving Software Change Forwards, Backwards, and Sideways

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Change Locally, Manage Universally  


McCabe CM - Agent delivers a unique solution to the challenge of enterprise staging and deployment. TRUEchange led the market by storing software changes as change-sets, never losing control of a change throughout the application lifecycle. McCabe Software has extended TRUEchange to support secure, robust and flexible release management processes.

With the introduction of Universal Release Management (URM) technology, the Agent allows modifications to be built, tested, deployed, and installed ANYwhere in the enterprise, at ANYtime.

Schedule Builds
Schedule Build Deployments and More!

Users can schedule jobs for midnight, Monday morning, or every Saturday at noon, and the job can be deployed on one system or on twenty-one. TRUEchange already supports the repeatable and the automated – now it’s Universal.

This technology offers the following benefits:

  • TRUEchange allows you to promote packaged changes (change-sets) beyond development and into production using McCabe CM - Agents to manage the deployment and installation of change.
  • The Agent manages change transfers and executes all deployment actions.
  • A single Agent can support multiple deployments to multiple target locations on the same target platform.
  • All managed file types can be deployed.
  • Deployments can be full or incremental, scheduled or immediate.
  • Audit trails and separation of duties via role based security support process enforcement and regulatory compliance.
  • Absolute enterprise-level change control produces absolute control of the result.
  • Deployment roll-back is easy and fully auditable.
  • Deployment definition screens allow you to select the changes to be deployed as well as their targets and deployment scripts.


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