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SD Times Recognizes McCabe Among Top Quality Assurance and Security Software
McCabe Selected in SD Times 100 for Second Consecutive Year for the Categories

Cranston, RI - McCabe Software has announced their selection to the SD Times 100 list of the world’s top software companies for the second year in a row. SD Times editors count McCabe among those who are the ‘Best in Show’ in the Quality Assurance and Security categories, stating McCabe and others did not “throw in the towel” but “kept working on platforms and practices to fight back against bugs and vulnerabilities”.

“McCabe has been synonymous with software testing and quality assurance for risk mitigation for over 35 years,” says Dale Brenneman, McCabe’s VP of Software Quality Solutions. “As application security becomes a greater focus for leading organizations and governments alike, we believe McCabe IQ will become the de facto solution for security impact analysis.”

While there are many tools that can detect countless potential security vulnerabilities in source code, McCabe IQ answers the ‘Now what?’ question that most organizations have after such a discovery by analyzing the impact of each vulnerability to direct application security professionals where to begin. The process is expedited by bringing the application's architecture and internal interactions into focus via call graphs and data flows. The result is the ability to quickly identify the touch-points within specific areas of the code where the potential vulnerability is identified, allowing you to zero in on the area in question to determine the validity of the vulnerability.

"McCabe IQ can be used to not only better understand the context in which the scanning product is flagging a potential issue, but it is also key in driving toward a ‘Return on Security Investment’ by putting the entire application and the architecture in context and view" says Mark Wireman, co-founder of Bishop Consulting and recognized industry leader in application security, secure coding, and risk management.

"McCabe’s technology is crucial in answering the questions: Is this a real vulnerability? Are there architecture or OOD changes that can be made to address the issues more efficiently and effectively? What are the costs to fix the vulnerabilities based on all of the direct and indirect touch-points within the application? Are there mitigating controls or factors that can be put in place? Is it a risk I can assume given other factors, controls, and risk tolerance of the organization?” says Wireman.

About McCabe Software, Inc.
McCabe Software provides Software Quality Management and Software Configuration Management solutions worldwide. "McCabe IQ" (Integrated Quality) is used to analyze and visualize the security, quality, and testing of mission, life, and business critical applications. McCabe Software has offices in the United States and distribution worldwide.

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