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Change Control Agent

"McCabe's CM solution is truly the finest Configuration Management product I have ever used. It basically runs by itself and is rock solid."

David Platt
Lead CM Engineer
Network Solutions

"McCabe CM enables us to maintain parallel streams of development with minimum efforts. The ability to migrate change sets greatly helps us to release multiple version of software with minimum test time. All these could not have been achieved with other file based tool."

Annie Wei
Software Engineer
Faro Technologies, Inc

Why McCabe CM?

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McCabe CM introduces end-to-end configuration management, from idea to implementation and on to release. With process that enables the promotion of integrated change objects right through to the packaging of the product release, McCabe CM takes the mystery out of software change process and release management, presenting your organization with a product that everyone understands. The ability to create well-understood release configurations makes McCabe CM the first choice among companies struggling to meet the mandates imposed by Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA, CMMI and the FDA.

Unlike most configuration management tools, McCabe CM manages projects rather than files, and physical change objects rather than individual deltas. The McCabe solution maintains the implementation of each development task as a complete and atomic object, referred to as a change-set. The change-set affords the capability to selectively review, and to migrate individual changes across the application lifecycle. For organizations maintaining multiple product releases, we offer the incomparable ability to select and drag a change from one release stream to another. For example, a correction applied to your product release 3.2 can be selectively migrated to any older release, as well as to any newer release. Our customers report savings of weeks, with every release cycle.

The flexibility of the McCabe CM technology helps organizations to be more responsive to customer requirements. Doing more with less, means that you can count on a faster time to market, and a shortened development cycle. Your organization will also free engineers from the frustration of making sense of each active release stream, allowing them to spend more time making sense of your product.

There is no wrapper possible that can turn a collection of deltas into a change-set, at least not one that can be selectively migrated, as a complete change. The ability to track each individual change request, as well as its physical implementation, from definition through to the release, enables organizations to be compliance-ready. When the management of change is the problem, McCabe CM is the solution.

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