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McCabe IQ Research Library

We've provided you with all of the research tools you'll need to confirm that McCabe is the right choice when developing mission, life and business critical applications.

NEW! Case Study: How They Do It in Switzerland… Outsource the Code, Insource the Quality

NEW! White Paper: Improving Software Security by Identifying and Securing Paths
Linking Attack Surfaces to Attack Targets

Application Note:  Control Flow Security Analysis with McCabe IQ

Case Study: Developers and Testers in Head-On Collision? You May Need a “Mechanic”

White Paper: Complexity Analysis of Hostile Applets
Using Path-Oriented Metric Analysis to Unravel Hostile Applet Algorithm Patterns, Signatures, Similarities, Authors, and Derivations

Quality Level Agreement - MS Word Doc
Please feel free to download this sample Quality Level Agreement and customize it to suit your needs. Many have found this document helpful in fostering accountability and commitment in a software development engagement related to software quality management.

Software Quality Metrics to Identify Risk - Power Point
Presentation to Department of Homeland Security's Software Assurance Working Group by Tom McCabe, Jr.

Application Note: Structured Testing - The Path to Thorough Code Coverage
An overview of the benefits of Basis Path Testing.

NIST Publication
Download a copy of NIST Special Publication 500-235 ("Structured Testing: A Testing Methodology Using the Cyclomatic Complexity Metric") , written by Thomas McCabe.

Metrics Glossary
Defining the different Metrics that we use to measure your code complexity.

IQ Glossary of Terms
Detailed definitions of McCabe IQ components, features and functionality

White Papers
Still researching or just want to learn more about our technology.


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