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While the McCabe products are easy to use and intuitively designed, they are also very robust and contain a wide range of analysis features. To help you gain the maximum benefit from your investment in McCabe technology, the training offered is designed to illustrate the most efficient way of implementing the tools to meet your development needs.

The McCabe IQ Basic Training Courses are based on a modular principle presented over 2 or 3 days. If the Advanced and Enterprise Reporting courses are combined with the standard course, the elapsed total time will increase to 4 or 5 days, again depending upon the options selected.

The management training takes place over one day and is designed to assist managers in understanding the ‘what and how’ of the McCabe tools and the metrics they produce.

Some of the course modules are optional and can be excluded dependent upon the main focus of the course and available time.

The McCabe IQ Training Courses use slides presented by the trainer, in addition to standard exercises run by attendees. Training attendees should have access to a training workstation (one workstation for every two attendees is minimum) in order to run the training exercises.

Attendees are provided with hardcopy workbooks of the training slides, and hardcopy exercise books.

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Course Structure

The McCabe IQ Training Course consists of five interrelated sections as follows:

Principles of Software Quality and McCabe IQ – This course covers principles such as source analysis, code metrics, data analysis and project building.

Basic Testing Concepts and Implementation Using McCabe IQ – Including instrumentation, coverage analysis and optional coverage manipulation.

Enterprise Reporting Functionality only available within McCabe IQ's enterprise reporting engine and includes the Style Report Designer to develop basic reports. (This section is optional for Test users.)

McCabe IQ Advanced Usage and Administration – This is designed to look at the administrative implications of deploying IQ, and how the installation can accommodate a wide range of deployment modes.

McCabe IQ Management – This is designed for management staff, who wish to understand how to deploy the toolset in their environments, use metrics to implement a quality plan, and exploit the enterprise reporting tool to disseminate metrics gathered as part of a quality plan.

For those clients who have specific requirements, the standard courses above can be modified to focus on the licensing options purchased.

Course Fees

The course fees depend upon the number of students attending, location and the duration of the course. Further details can be obtained from your McCabe account manager at 800-638-6316

Training Packages

McCabe IQ Basic Training Course - Back to Top

This course forms the core of the McCabe IQ training and comprises the McCabe QA, McCabe Test and optionally McCabe OO Training modules.

  • Duration: 3 days

McCabe IQ Software Quality Management Training - Back to Top

This training is designed to provide the student with the knowledge of:

  • Common interface of McCabe IQ
  • Navigate through McCabe IQ software quality management features
  • Software Metrics and how to use them to establish quality controls
  • How to Create the McCabe Project
  • How to Generate Reports, both standard and custom
  • How to analyze a Program, using a variety of technique’s including impact analysis and partitioning the logic
  • How to analyze a module using flowgraphs and annotated source listings
  • Analyzing Data usage
  • How to automate simple tool processes using the Command Language Interface
  • How to create new measures in McCabe IQ
  • How to identify potential duplicate code in systems (a.k.a. cut and paste)
  • Create a plan to assess quality over time
  • Duration: 2 days

McCabe IQ Test Analysis Training - Back to Top

This training is designed to provide the student with the knowledge of:

  • Common interface of McCabe IQ, and navigate through McCabe IQ test analysis features
  • Understand the different types of testing
  • Understand common testing problems, misconceptions & challenges
  • Apply techniques and methods that improve software testing
  • How to derive tests using McCabe IQ
  • Code instrumentation and the instrumentation architectures used in McCabe IQ
  • An understanding of the types of test coverage provided and their optimal usage
  • Practical Coverage techniques for Procedural and Event Driven Software
  • How to interpret coverage metrics to determine risk
  • How to prioritize tests and optimize testing effort
  • How to identify when testing is complete
  • How to use McCabe IQ to determine differences in coverage
  • How to implement Testing standards and practices
  • Duration: 2 days

McCabe IQ OO option - Back to Top

Covers the functionality available in McCabe OO only – and is only valid for languages with class constructs (object-oriented), such as Ada, C++, C#, Java, VB, etc. This training is designed to provide the student with the knowledge of:

  • Object Oriented Paradigm and how it is represented in McCabe IQ
  • Metrics for Object Oriented applications
  • Analysis of Object Oriented applications
  • Implications of the metrics gathered
  • Testing of Object Oriented applications
  • Duration: 1/2 day

McCabe IQ Enterpise Reporting Training - Back to Top
This training is designed to provide the student with the knowledge of:

  • The McCabe IQ enterprise reporting tool
  • How to populate the database with metrics from one or more locations and projects
  • How to use the product to provide Management Software Metrics across the Enterprise
  • Introduction to Style Report Designer to create a simple report
  • Duration: 1/2 Day

Advanced McCabe IQ Usage and Administration Training - Back to Top

This training is designed to provide the student with the knowledge of:

  • IQ Installation & Deployment
  • Integrating McCabe into third party tools using the Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • Automating McCabe IQ using scripting languages
  • Installation & Deployment of McCabe IQ's enterprise reporting tool
  • Developing custom reports using the Style Report Designer
  • Duration: 1 day

McCabe IQ Management Training - Back to Top

This training is designed to provide the student with the knowledge of:

  • The challenges and risks in Software Development
  • Measurement in the Software Development Process and what it means for Quality
  • Software Quality Issues in dealing with Contractors and identifying the Risk
  • What are we getting?
  • Principles of Static Analysis and what the various metrics can tell us
  • Principles of Dynamic Analysis and what the various metrics can tell us
  • Overview of McCabe technology and its licensing
  • Analyzing Programs and collecting the metrics
  • How we can automate the quality process
  • How to use the McCabe IQ enterprise reporting tool to implement Management Reporting
  • Duration: 1 Day