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Certellus Corporation is a leading global provider of software testing, ERP, security and outsource facilitation services. Over 2500 companies in 40 nations have engaged the services of Certellus to assess, promote and mature their Information Technology services. Established in 1985, Certellus provides carefully engineered solutions that are delivered in a professional, expedient and sensitive fashion.

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Craft Designs, Inc. is a Small Business located in Huntsville, Alabama specializing in software engineering for diverse applications including defense, aerospace, industrial automation, and information systems. CDI develops and maintains software for embedded systems, Pocket PC and MS-Windows desktop applications with employees whose skills are applied to develop software solutions that will exceed the performance and quality expectations of our customer. Notable customers of CDI include Johnson and Johnson, Kraftronics, Inc., Westar Defense and Aerospace, Dynetics, Aerodyne, and the U.S. Army.

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Global Quality Partners, LLC (GQP) is a strategic quality and performance engineering consultancy dedicated to enabling its clients to deliver high performance, scalable, and reliable business software solutions. GQP's focus on operational quality, driven by user experience, optimization of business investment, and risk management over the entire software product life cycle, is unique within the industry. GQP's deep subject matter experience, specialty, and business alliances, allows GQP to provide a full spectrum of strategic quality and performance engineering services to businesses of all sizes. GQP is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, and can be found on the web at

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Software Quality Associates (SQA) is a leader in providing software quality consulting services to companies throughout the U.S. SQA provides a full range of software QA services including the delivery of project-based solutions, ''custom-made'' teams and staff augmentation. Our specific offerings include Business Process Assurance, QA and Software Development Process Optimization, Test Automation Excellence, Computer Systems Validation and Outsourced Testing. We help our clients to increase the speed and effectiveness by which they release quality applications and products into production.

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Based in Germany, SOBEGE is focused on project and quality management with expertise in software metrics. The company provides services for the IT industry, specializing in embedded systems and new technologies, like Web Services with Java or the .NET platform. Furthermore, SOBEGE improves client communication by teaching technical employees to use a streamlined or more common and understandable language between technicians (developers) and management.

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