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NIST Publication
Download a copy of NIST Special Publication 500-235 ("Structured Testing: A Testing Methodology Using the Cyclomatic Complexity Metric") by Thomas McCabe.

Metrics Glossary
Defining the different Metrics that we use to measure your code complexity.

IQ Glossary of Terms
Detailed definitions of McCabe IQ components, features and functionality

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Many software engineering tools compute McCabe Cyclomatic Complexity.  McCabe IQ shows you what they can't!

McCabe IQ provides its unique insight into a codebase by combining Structural Analysis, Quality Analysis, and Security Analysis.

For organizations that need to perform vulnerability analysis on complex software, McCabe IQ's unique path oriented approach enables you to uncover and verify exploitable paths within your codebase. Unlike other software analysis tools, McCabe IQ provides thorough structural analysis and visualization as the foundation upon which security analysis and verification can confidently be performed.

Multi-Language and Platform Support
McCabe IQ analyzes numerous programming languages running on any platform, enabling organizations to use the same tools and methodologies across all company projects. This lets you see the total complexity picture when dealing with multi language systems or interfaces.

  • Language - Ada, C, C#, C++.NET, C++, JAVA, JSP, VB, VB.NET, COBOL, and FORTRAN
  • Platforms - McCabe IQ works on Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016, Windows 7, 8, 10, Solaris Version 8 (aka SunOS 5.8) or higher, SPARC processor, 32 bit, with Motif version 1.2 or later, HP-UX Version 11.11 (aka 11i) or higher, RISC processor, 32 bit, with Motif version 1.2 or later, AIX Version 5.3 or higher, RISC processor, 32 bit, with Motif version 1.2 or later, Linux RedHat Enterprise 3.0 (Taroon) or higher, x86 processor, with Motif version 2.2 or later, Linux Ubuntu 6.06, x86 processor, with Motif version 2.2 or later, and 64 bit environments that permit running of 32 bit applications.

Advanced Visualization
Unlike other tools in the marketplace, McCabe IQ presents detailed, color-coded graphical displays so that you can visualize your code and unravel logic, architectures, and designs. This is indispensable to software engineers and project managers when making changes, fixing bugs, doing maintenance, or testing software. Metrics, data elements, changes, tests and parameters are displayed in these graphical snapshots of the logic and design of your code, enabling you to see them in the context of the entire application. This big picture view is crucial when developing, monitoring, testing and controlling software systems.

Best of Breed Technology
McCabe IQ implements and automates the industry adopted testing methodology as described in the National Institute of Standards and Technology Special Publication 500-235: Structured Testing A Testing Methodology Using the McCabe Cyclomatic Complexity Metric. It produces end-to-end unit level test conditions and end-to-end integration subtree tests for complete unit level and integration level test planning. It also monitors logic based code coverage (Path Coverage - the industry's most stringent coverage technology) and produces untested test conditions so that test effectiveness can be incrementally increased.

What the Experts say...

"At the software system development level, coupling and Cyclomatic are examples of key measurements used to illuminate latent software risks in programs. Measures of high complexity such as coupling and cyclomatic complexity risk testing and maintenance rework will be costly. Another risk is that the system will be fragile when exposed to changes implemented by other systems"

Measurement for Improvement:
Successful Measurement Practices Used in Army Software Acquisition

James Wessel Robert Ferguson

One general recommendation from the recent SEI report entitled: "Incorporating Software Requirements into the System RFP," suggests including Complexity measurements in the statement of work and enforcing limits on cyclomatic complexity. "Application complexity affects software supportability. One generally accepted complexity measure is McCabe’s Cyclomatic Complexity Measure, which should not exceed 10 for a given module."

Incorporating Software Requirements into the System RFP
Survey of RFP Language for Software by Topic, v. 2.0

Edited by Charlene Gross
Acquisition Support Program

Download an editable copy of the McCabe Quality Level Agreement (MS DOC)

Considering testing and maintenance is the most expensive part of preserving your software applications, pinpointing risk and following McCabe’s recommended path of optimal test coverage will lead your applications to market sooner with higher quality and lower cost.

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