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Leading Satellite Delivery Solution Provider Selects McCabe to Increase Software Testing Productivity and Effectiveness
McCabe IQs Change Isolation and Stringent Code Coverage Takes the Guesswork Out of Testing

Cranston, RI - McCabe Software has announced that one of the world’s leading satellite delivery solution providers has selected McCabe IQ to help meet the demands that consistent innovation and rapid software release schedules have placed on their software test division. The company will take full advantage of McCabe IQ’s uniquely stringent code coverage and change isolation technology.

“With numerous different versions of their embedded software in development at any given time, the company has been challenged by continuous and increasing software testing demands,” says Dale Brenneman, McCabe’s VP of Software Quality Solutions. “And, as in most software development lifecycles, complexity and risk grows exponentially as innovation occurs.”

McCabe IQ is able to maximize test effectiveness, while minimizing the time wasted on redundant testing. With aggressive development cycles, companies are able to benefit greatly from McCabe IQ’s ability to isolate only the code that has been changed, to better focus testing resources.

"Companies who develop critical applications should not have to rely on someone subjectively identifying what code they think has changed in order to determine what tests they think should be performed," says Brenneman. "McCabe IQ objectively identifies changed modules, taking the guesswork out of the equation.”

“Once testing has been performed McCabe IQ provides comprehensive code coverage reporting and visualization, showing precisely what areas of the source code have been tested.” says Brenneman. “This information is invaluable to those tasked with ensuring that their most risk-prone areas of code have been tested prior to release.”

About McCabe Software, Inc.
McCabe Software provides Software Quality Management and Software Configuration Management solutions worldwide. "McCabe IQ" (Integrated Quality) is used to analyze and visualize the security, quality, and testing of mission, life, and business critical applications. McCabe Software has offices in the United States and distribution worldwide.

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