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McCabe Releases Linux Software Quality Management Suite
Advanced Quality and Test Analysis Tool Now Available on RedHat Linux

10/13/2006 - WARWICK, RI - McCabe Software Inc. announces the release of McCabe IQ hosted directly on RedHat Linux. The increased adoption of Linux based application development in the mission, life, and business critical arenas was a deciding factor in the development of this new version.

McCabe IQ has always been able to analyze the quality and test coverage of applications regardless of where they were developed, including those developed on Linux boxes. Prior to this release however, the quality and test analysis had to run on a Windows or UNIX box. While this could be done when these machines were on the same network as the Linux box, it added extra time and effort to the application development lifecycle. Furthermore, a customer running a Linux exclusive shop, an increasingly common occurrence, had to do without.

”In an effort to improve user experience and responding to market demand, we have removed the barriers,” says Dale Brenneman, VP of Software Quality Solutions for McCabe. “The same software quality management benefits that our customers have come to expect from McCabe IQ on Windows and UNIX are now available directly on RedHat Linux. We have made it even easier for quality conscious organizations to achieve their software quality and test coverage goals.”

About McCabe Software, Inc.
McCabe Software, an industry leading Application Lifecycle Management company, provides Software Quality and Configuration Management solutions worldwide. “McCabe IQ” is used to analyze quality and test coverage of mission, life, and business critical applications, utilizing a comprehensive set of advanced software metrics including the McCabe-authored Cyclomatic Complexity metric. Our “McCabe CM” line of SCM solutions helps organizations manage changes faster and more efficiently to ensure quality throughout the Application Lifecycle. McCabe Software has offices in the United States and distribution worldwide, and can be found on the web at

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