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Adopts McCabe IQ, Leading Testing and Change Management Solutions from McCabe Software to Verify and Assure Reliability of Applications

Columbia, MD - March 13, 2000 - Systems Union, the leading mid-market financial and business software vendor, today announced that is has raised the quality bar for business applications by adopting McCabe IQ as part of its application infrastructure lifecycle. McCabe IQ (Integrated Quality) from McCabe Software, the pioneering provider of software testing, quality assurance and configuration management solutions, will be used by Systems Union to assure the reliability and stability of its strategic financial and supply chain software products.

"At Systems Union we are dedicated to delivering high quality products and services, that provide competitive advantage to our national and multi-national clients. McCabe IQ helps us fulfill our mission by guaranteeing the products we release are well-tested and of the highest possible quality. We also get value from the investment we've already made in our infrastructure because it makes seamless modifications and changes of our systems possible," said Oonagh Tilmouth, Systems Union Director of Planning.

Systems Union has been using McCabe IQ to help estimate the risks and visually understand the impact of changes to code for strategic financial and supply chain software applications. In this era of frequent software releases and constantly changing applications, Systems Union needed a way to quickly identify which pieces of the application had been modified, the effect those modifications had on the quality application, and understand how to focus testing efforts on the changed code.

According to Phil Carrai, McCabe Software President and Chief Executive OfficerUK country manager, "System Union's adoption of McCabe IQ, again shows that the global leaders of the Internet-driven business revolution are taking serious steps to improve their development practices. The E-business explosion creates higher standards for business-critical applications reliability and availability. McCabe Software addresses these challenges by offering sophisticated, reliable and easy-to-use solutions that can help organizations avoid the impact of high-profile crashes."

McCabe is able to provide Systems Union with products and services that helped them overcome these software quality challenges and to provide Systems Union with the competitive advantage it needs to market its software solutions.

"With McCabe IQ products we will know exactly what areas of the applications have changed, the impact of the changes and how effective we are in testing those changes. Systems Union developers can now add new functionality that works right the first time. This greatly improves our productivity while allowing us to quickly adapt our mission-critical applications to meet customer demands," said, Jim Simpson, Director of Operations, Research and Development.

About System Union
Systems Union is a leading provider of financial management and business software, support and services for mid-market and public sector organizations. Worldwide turnover for FY1999 was £73.35m (US$120m). SunSystems is available in 27 languages with over 20,000 customer sites in 187 countries and is the leading international, mid-market financial client/server solution. It operates independently of database and server and runs on Microsoft Windows NT, with SQL Server or Oracle, UNIX with Oracle and Novell NetWare with Oracle. Additional information is available on the company web site at

About McCabe Software, Inc.
McCabe Software, an industry leading Application Lifecycle Management company, provides Software Quality and Configuration Management solutions worldwide. “McCabe IQ” is used to analyze quality and test coverage of mission, life, and business critical applications, utilizing a comprehensive set of advanced software metrics including the McCabe-authored Cyclomatic Complexity metric. Our “McCabe CM” line of SCM solutions helps organizations manage changes faster and more efficiently to ensure quality throughout the Application Lifecycle. McCabe Software has offices in the United States and distribution worldwide, and can be found on the web at

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