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ICD-10 Zero Hour is Fast Approaching.  Are You ready?  How can you be sure?

Can you verify that all your source code locations using ICD data are actually being tested? With McCabe IQ, you can.

It’s not a secret: ICD-10 conversions are monumental efforts that require the best planning, tools, methodology, and resources.  That’s why McCabe Software, a proven software reengineering and testing partner for numerous industries, makes its award-winning McCabe IQ solution available for ICD-10 conversions. We understand that the success of your business is dependent on focusing limited resources in a limited timeframe on a challenging effort, and McCabe IQ is ideally suited to help you succeed.

ICD-10 Implementation Success Using McCabe IQ

Benefit from using McCabe IQ for:

  • ICD-10 Implementation Assessment - identify ICD data locations in your software, impacted paths, and impacted methods
  • ICD-10 Test Preparation – assure that tests exist to cover ICD data locations in your software, impacted paths, and impacted methods, even prior to having remediated code
  • ICD-10 Test Verification – verify that testing has covered ICD data locations in your software, impacted paths, and impacted methods, after code has been remediated

You may have performed quite a bit of work already, but are finding that there is much yet to do, and you are not sure how effective your test efforts are. Increase your effectiveness, and understand it objectively, by adding McCabe IQ to your test preparation and/or test verification efforts!

Why McCabe IQ?

McCabe IQ offers unsurpassed test coverage verification techniques which, when coupled with its comprehensive data identification and impact assessment techniques, provides a powerful tool to focus your limited resources and time directly on your ICD related code.  This combination of accurately pinpointing ICD data usage and verifying that changes to those specific locations/paths/methods are tested, is what sets McCabe IQ apart from the competition. You receive the information you need to determine what has not been tested, and know for sure what further testing you need to perform.

McCabe IQ has many great features to ensure your ICD-10 conversion success, including:

  • Software Structure Visualization – Functional structure charts, class diagrams, and flowgraphs provide quick understanding by users of the software they are analyzing and testing.  This can include identification on such graphical representations of your ICD data usage locations.
  • Comprehensive Analysis – You can identify not only specific locations (methods and lines) of ICD data locations, but also impacted paths within those methods.
  • Multi-language and OS Support – McCabe IQ supports a range of languages and OSes.
  • Open API – McCabe IQ permits leveraging of analyses you may already have performed to identify ICD-10 data locations, with an API to use such information.
  • Data Dictionary – You can review and identify specific data locations of concern, for subsequent use in identifying impacts and/or verifying test coverage.

McCabe IQ:  the right tool to focus your limited resources in a limited timeframe toward a successful ICD-10 verification!

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