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Your critical applications have grown in complexity over the years. Have your development and QA efforts kept pace? How can you know for certain? Without McCabe IQ, you probably can't.

You may be ready for the source code complexity and test analysis solution that the world's top organizations trust to deliver lower error rates, shorter testing cycles, and reduced software costs. McCabe IQ.

Your Past Your Present (check all that apply)
  10 Developers 100+ Developers
  2 Testers 40+ Testers
  200,000 Lines of code 2 Million + lines of code
  Complex code Exponentially complex code, but you don't know how much and where
  5 Metrics told you all you needed to know You need access to 100+ functional, class, and test metrics
  Line coverage was enough Branch + McCabe Cyclomatic Path coverage is required
  Windows environment Windows, Unix, Linux, Web, Embedded, etc.,
  QA and testing weren't paramount Quality and testing are vital to your success and mandated by others (SOX, DO-178B, FDA,etc.)
Couldn't afford to have customers find your mistakes Still can't afford to have customers find mistakes
  Your current QA and test solution was "good enough" You are ready for
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